Zizina Otis Resort, Raja Mayang, Assam

Blissful! (4.1/5)
Nature score (10.0/10)
About Property
Zizina Otis Resort in the ancient and mystical land of Mayong, Assam, sets you at a vantage point to explore this wonderful place. Accommodation includes rooms, Swiss tents, and mud huts which are all fully equipped and comfortable. Visit the numerous shrines and remains of ancient civilizations, and experience the magic of Mayong with every step. The nearby Probitora Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the best places in the country to see the one-horned rhino.
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Price range: 5000+
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Property Location & Details
Address: Near Forest Range Office, Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary, Pobitora Road
City: Raja Mayang
State: Assam
Postcode: 782411
+91 98540 20651